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GhostTalks & EverythingSpiritual

Join our intimate gathering of open-minds, thoughtfully exploring otherworldly topics. Broad, deep, riveting discussions of various spiritual and paranormal topics. Communication with higher powers. Open minds. Lively encounters. Kindred spirits. Get your questions answered. Delicious desserts, roasted-on-the-spot fine coffees, fresh-brewed teas, sandwiches and lighter fare. Haunted shop with character, in downtown Ellicott City. Safely conducted with considerate kindess, and covered by protection prayers.

  • Closely encounter and commune with higher powers.
  • Delve deeply, broadly, safely into paranormal that matters.
  • Enjoy a very unique evening out, something intensely interesting, profoundly memorable.
  • Adventure realms rarely dared before, in ways not tried before.
  • Safely share your story amongst those who will listen, not chide or ridicule.
  • Questions? Put them to the group. Expect remarkable feedback and response.
  • No foolishly ghoulish hokie stuff: Serious discussion for bright, curious minds.
  • Professionally facilitated, spiritually protected, and loosely guided by LizAnn. A core group of long-time paranormal enthusiasts tackle deep discussions, and take on your questions, opening the lively discourse to all otherworldly topics amongst the group.
  • $25 package, per person.
  • Space is very limited.
  • Pre-payment is required to reserve your seat.
  • Wednesday, 18 November 2015
  • from 7:30pm until 10:00pm
  • at Bean Hollow fine coffee roastery
  • in Ellicott City, Maryland.
  • Space is limited; email us to reserve your seat.

    What is GhostTalks ?

    GhostTalks are ongoing, professional investigations into, and public discussions and presentations of paranormal phenomena. Every session is unique, riveting, positive and constructive.

    "This is fun and the perfect way to safely enjoy authentic paranormal investigations: We present ongoing, professional sessions that you're welcome to join in on. We have fun, take it seriously, and enjoy sharing and learning about history. It's a weekly thing; come if you want."

    "This is not merely a typical 'ghost tour', beckoning from the past. We're talking about something exciting that's here and now, happening right in front of your face. A tour is a fun start, and the investigations afterwards are real clinchers."

    In Harpers Ferry, for example, our team leads GhostTalk sessions inside the Quartermaster Pub. GhostTalks usually extend late into the night (participants may leave at any time) and, if the group so elects, may comprise additional walking investigation about the town.

    This represents an in-depth exploration of the paranormal, with an open-minded but scientific approach, and presents all the "proof" a person is likely to require to acknowledge the existence of the paranormal. We attempt communication with spirits and receive responses through various means, including scientific instruments. If you're expecting the doldrums typical of "paranormal shows," think again! Responses of our group are rarely "maybe, kind of" but are usually quite dramatic, clear and definitive. Information is verifiable and may be crosschecked via books, public records or the web, often to questions all persons present couldn't possibly know. The resulting communications and information gleaned are often nothing short of spectacular.

    SpiritHistories is a group of curious and capable professionals, intensely interested in history and the paranormal, ascertaining and accurately documenting individuals' personal histories as related directly from the Great Beyond. "...conversing with spirits, if you will."

    Ghost Talks is our weekly "Real Ghosts of"™ series offering exciting, interactive paranormal investigations and presentations that directly involve the public in eerie experiences and adventures. "...takes 'paranormal investigation' to a whole new level."

    "Once you determine there are spirits present who wish to communicate, you force open the door and your mind to an entirely new dimension, another world of possibilities and endlessly enthralling adventures. To say that it is captivating is not nearly enough; 'utterly life-altering' is more like it." --Mike_U, paranormal enthusiast

    Recent Findings Blog

    Real Ghosts of Harpers Ferry

    Sat. 5 Sep 2009 - Welcome John Brown

    During Ghosttalks last night, Celtic spoke to Col. Miles asking if he knew the man she had been told she was to " with at the Fort at the gate." He said yes. When asked if the Fort was the arsenal, yes was the answer. Celtic asked who the "man" was, John Brown, answered Col Miles! (A week prior, and in Montgomery County, Celtic had been told she was to "take her Ghosttalk group to the Gate at the Fort in Harpers Ferry on Saturday night to meet a man who wanted to talk to her." Not knowing that there used to be a gate at the foot of the street in HF during the Civil War) Celtic, Cliff, K and the group who had attended Ghosttalks went down to the Fort (the Armory) where John Brown had holed up and was captured by the Marines in 1859. Celtic sensed the presence of a strong male spirit there, and then began the conversation with John Brown using her divining rods. John Brown stated this was the first time he has spoken to a human since he was hanged! At the Fort, during this initial conversation with John Brown, many strong orbs were photographed. John Brown said his Raiders were around there with him. When asked if he would accompany Celtic up to the Stone Room, he agreed. On further conversation inside, his strong personality and a good sense of humor showed itself. His energy level for communication was short, which often happens with communication with a new Spirit that has no prior experience in communicating.

    Same camera, same place, same event. Practically zero orbs this year, compared to past years. Went down to the firehouse/fort and snapped several orb pics again, surrounding John Brown (after he was summoned).

    Sat. 13 June, 2009 - Colonel Dixon S. Miles

    Colonel Dixon Miles, Union commander of Harpers Ferry during the Civil War, and one of the many intriguing personalities who've contacted us during our ongoing GhostTalks sessions.

    "Well, if you believe [the overpowering spirit named] J, there were 64 other spirits with us in the room last night."

    "...there's an eerie and amazing consistency among the spirits and how they's way too accurate to just dismiss out of hand..."

    "You're here witnessing all this response and activity, but the movement of a cigar by a quarter-inch is what would scare you out of here?" "I'm already scared, that'd just be the last straw..."

    We promptly discovered, another entity, unseen but definitely not reticent..."J"!...who, in his usual way, proceeded to monopolize the room. We also made brief contact with "Stonewall" Jackson, whom we'd previously asked Colonel Miles to cordially invite. Liz strongly sensed the presence of Col. Miles war horse. Of course Colonel Miles was there himself.

    May, 2009 - Harpers Ferry

    Begun in fall 2008, our 2009 season promises thrills as we build upon information provided by and rapport established with numerous spirits who have made contact at various locations in Harpers Ferry and beyond. Spirits include Colonel Miles, General Pope, and dozens of others, each exhibiting peculiar quirks and unmistakable character and manners that carry over in their communication styles and techniques.